Care Instructions

How to Properly Care for your Cutting Board


  • Do not put cutting board in dishwasher
  • Howard Butcher Block Conditioner or Cutting Board Oil is used to lengthen the life of your wooden cutting boards. Both products lock in moisture
    • Howard Butcher Block Conditioner leaves a silky wax barrier
    • Recommended application every 2 – 3 weeks
    • Protects Cutting Boards, Butcher Blocks & More
    • Both Products are more easily absorbed and penetrates more deeply into the grain of the wood to help protect & revitalize, keeping your blocks looking like-new
  • When using these products, it is recommended you apply a generous amount directly onto the cutting board surface, and let it sit overnight.  After checking the result the following morning, add more product if necessary. Then remove the excess with a paper towel.
    • Will replenish the moisture lost from repeated washings, keeping your butcher blocks, cutting boards, and utensils from drying, bleaching and cracking
    • Provides a finish that enhances longevity
    • Frequency of application of the Butcher Block Conditioner  is less than the Cutting Board Oil