Rectangular 3 Wave Board

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Sleek modern design integrates a handcrafted curve reminiscent of the Patriot Woodcrafter team’s time as competitive snowboarders. Beautifully vibrant Purple Heart, and Hard Rock Maple Stripe is responsibly sourced and combined with American Sycamore for a long-lasting, durable cutting board that’s a joy to use. This long, narrow board makes it great for displaying a variety of cheeses, tapas, personal pizzas, or just for cutting a loaf of bread.

Sycamore Cutting Board with 3 curved ribbons. Two ribbons consist of Purple Heart wood, and a single ribbon of Hard Rock Maple.

Product Dimensions

3 Wave Board: 2lbs – 19.5″ x 6.75″ x .57″

*Shipping dimensions are represented in the table below

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